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because . . . The more you know!

keeping track of your swaps and ours!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab feedback!
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they even open in a new page for you!

This is the place to find out if the person you're about to swap with, buy from, or sell to is trustworthy.


Your friendly neighborhood mods:

seamonkey - aka "Do I have my CrabbyPants on?" Mod (seamonkey789@gmail.com)

meetzemonsta - With a name like this, just "The Mod" will suffice. (littleflappybat@gmail.com)

As said above, this community's goal is to be the LJ source for finding out whether the seller/swapper of your choice is a good egg or not. Members of this community have posted their profiles, which can be viewed by browsing the recent posts. Every profile in this community will also be listed in the memories area, for easier and quicker access. If you see a profile for someone you've swapped with/bought from/sold to, please comment on that person's post and tell everyone about your experience, but we ask that any comments be kept to the basic facts.

This is a place for honest feedback. No drama. In the words of bpaladdict, "If I wanted drama, I'd call my mother." In accordance to the LiveJournal Terms of Service Agreement, the following are not allowed in the BPAL_Feedback community: excessive swearing, hateful speech (racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.), posts created to harass another user, nudity or "adult" material, posts containing private conversations or emails. Personal attacks or references to private disagreements also have no place in this community and will not be tolerated. If abuse or harassment occurs in your own journal, please contact the LiveJournal Abuse team (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqcat=abuse).

Outline of penalties for stirring up drama (or just plain breaking the rules):

1st offense: Warning from one of the moderators.
2nd offense: Second warning (depending on severity of infraction) or one week ban from posting and commenting in the community.
3rd offense: One month ban or removal from the community (again, depending on severity of infraction).
4th offense: Permanent removal from the community.

Penalties are not rigid and may be changed in some circumstances; the moderators reserve the right to punish as seen fit.

If you are not a member of this community and see a profile listed for you, please do not freak out. We can't expect or demand every seller/swapper to join this community, but we would like to cover as many bases as possible. Most likely, you are a completely fabulous seller/swapper and our reason for posting your name here is to showcase that (and get you good feedback!), so other people may see your fabulosity and sample your wares. If you absolutely do not want to be listed here, please contact one of the moderators through their email and we will attempt to resolve the issue.

Please only post your selling/swapping profiles. Any other posts (such as sales posts, reviews, questions about shipping time, etc.) are not on topic and will be deleted. Questions about the community and suggestions are more than welcome, feel free to post those.

Guidelines for Creating a Feedback Profile. Please read before posting.

Guidelines for Searching the Community's Memories for a Specific User.

Had a bad eBay experience? Let us know!

Please don't ask for feedback in other communities.

Freezing/Deleting comments.

Screening comments.

Tags used in this community:
Admin (mod posts)
Here There Be Dragons (for posts containing negative feedback)
Here There Be Dragons-eBay (for bad eBay experiences)

Important links to have if you've been ripped off

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center

USPS Mail Fraud

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