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keeping track of your swaps and ours!
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23rd-Oct-2012 12:57 pm - myswtghst feedback
BTVS I <3 Unicorns
Name: Leslie
LJ Username: myswtghst
BPAL.org Username: myswtghst
eBay Username: myswtghst
Paypal Address / Contact Email: myswtghst (at) gmail (dot) com

I have feedback available (primarily as a buyer) in the following locations:

My first ever sales post is here and contains some feedback / responses from the users I sold to / swapped with

Below are the usernames of the people I interacted with in the transactions from LJ and BPAL.org I was able locate in my recent emails / LJ messages / etc... :) I'll try to keep this updated.




Circles (as a buyer)

Problematic Transactions
16th-Jul-2012 09:29 am - Babypopje's feedback
Babypopje @ BPAL forums: http://www.bpal.org/page/swaps/member.php?member_id=26808
GoldenShimmeringCloud @ Makeup Alley: http://www.makeupalley.com/p~GoldenShimmeringCloud
Babypopje1991 @ Ebay: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=babypopje1991&ftab=AllFeedback

If you've bought for me or swapped with me, or if I've been in in one of your decant circles, please leave me feedback. If I owe you, just let me know and I'll take care of it! And if you have questions, just ask!
7th-Mar-2012 04:24 pm - Ajevie
BPAL Forum: Ajevie
LJ: ajevie
Ebay: Ajevie
PAYPAL/EVERYTHING email: ajevie AT gmail DOT com
Website: Ajevie's Circles
LJ Community: Ajevie's Circles (All of my circle comments for the last 3 years are still viewable)
FaceBook Group: Ajevie's Circles
Location: Northwestern Vermont

Circle Participants: Members
12th-Dec-2011 03:49 pm - csi vixen
Fall Fae
Thanks for the Half Elf v5 and the frimps :-)
6th-Nov-2011 12:50 pm - mcfly85
Fall Fae
Thank you so much for the Imps and the Frimps.
27th-Sep-2011 08:30 pm - Feedback for i-am-molochai
LJ: [info]i_am_molochai
BPAL: Molokai Black
Location: Chicago, IL
Paypal email: iammolochai_AT_aol_DOT_com
Everything-else email: Same!
eBay: mxorpheus (feedback)
    - alternate feedback from a b/s/t LJ comm HERE
23rd-Sep-2011 01:17 pm - decayingroots
LJ: decayingroots
Location: Singapore
bpal.org: decadentroots
Other feedback pages: (Personal Page) (EGL)

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I'm completely new to BPAL so I have no transactions at all.
12th-Sep-2011 09:48 pm - Feedback for KindKit
LiveJournal: kindkit
E-mail: kindkit64 AT yahoo DOT com
BPAL Forum Username: KindKit
Location: New Mexico, United States

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27th-Aug-2011 03:19 pm - Feedback for nijireiki
Game Face
LJ: nijireiki
Forums: nijireiki
eBay: nijireiki (feedback here)
PayPal/e-mail: niji(dot)reiki(at)gmail(dot)com
Location: FL, continental USA

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13th-May-2011 04:50 pm - Feedback for nohara_megami
'Almond Branches in Bloom' - Vincent Van
LJ: nohara_megami
Forum: nohara_megami
Ebay: nohara_megami (Feedback here)
E-mail/Paypal: nohara_megami (at) hotmail.com
Location: Lakewood, WA or Olivehurst, CA (I bounce back and forth)

I'm new to Bpal so I only have buying experience at the moment. :)
26th-Feb-2011 02:44 pm(no subject)
Merlin Gawain excited.
LJ - v82gr8
bpal.org - v82gr8
ebay - v82gr8
paypal/email - jojumpshigh at gmail.com

Hopefully I'm doing this right, if not please let me know. Thanks!
20th-Feb-2011 10:18 pm - Feedback for lejlkwiet
Books and flowers
LJ - lejlkwiet
bpal.org - lejlkwiet
ebay - heart_of_ashes
paypal/email - chelle_scerri [at] yahoo [dot] ca
location - Malta, Europe
5th-Jan-2011 05:14 pm - feedback for caudapavonis
Harlaxton Lion
LJ - caudapavonis
bpal.org - caudapavonis
ebay - texas_artisan
paypal/email - jan.izatt at gmail

location - Amarillo, TX

I do have a ton of forum feedback, but am currently swap restricted and would be happy to share the story with you if you'd like before we swap =)
25th-Dec-2010 02:32 pm - tinylegacies' feedback
*blowing bubbles
lj - tinylegacies
bpal.org - tinylegacies
paypal - ladybug218 AT gmail
23rd-Nov-2010 07:46 pm - [feedback for hiddenmeghanis]
lj: hiddenmeghanis 
den of angels feedback: [provided since i don't have any feedback here, yet!] @ www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php
paypal email: attizzikah @ gmail
email: attizzikah @ gmail
location: new hampshire.
19th-Nov-2010 02:38 pm - Feedback for kathrynthegr8
blue girl
LJ name: kathrynthegr8
eBay: kathrynslatton1
E-mail: kathrynslatton @ Yahoo.com
Location: Virginia, USA
15th-Nov-2010 06:07 pm(no subject)
puella magi madoka magica
LJ name: lady_venn
Forum name: Venneh, feedback here
eBay: Venneh1120, feedback here
Location: Wisconsin area

If you recognize me from having done business with me, please leave feedback!


C2E2 2010

Forum (currently up to Level 4):
Shunga Decant Circle, 1/20/10 - 3/8/10
Good Omens Decant Circle, 3/9/10 - 4/12/10
Bye Bye Butterflies (and Moths) Decant Circle, 5/26/10 - 6/21/10
Shungas, Baby! Decant Circle, 1.18.11 - 2.24.11
Aphrodite and Venustas Decant Circle, 1.18.11 - 2.24.11
Spanking Hot Courtesans Decant Circle, 3.5.11 - 4.20.11

-Cthulhu in Love Group Order, 2/16/10 - 3/24/10
-Mutter Museum U Group Order, 3/1/10 - 3/24/10
-BPTP Group Order, 4/21/10 - 5/30/10
-Panther Moon/Neverwhere/Irredeemable/Witchblade/Lunacy/Honey Decant Circle, 4/27/10 - 5/30/10
-Lotus Moon/Chaos Theory/Butterfly Decant Circle and BPTP Group Order + Underworld Cup/Great Loves and Tragedies of Ancient Greece Decant Circle, 5/26/10 - 7/12/10 (Lingering issues due to postal fail on two packages solved 7/30/10 and 8/10/10
-DarkDel Horror Novels Decant Circle/Group Order, 5/30/10 - 7/12/10, as some orders were tacked onto Lotus Moon Circle
-Fledgling Raptor Moon Decant Circle, 6/25/10 - 8/5/10
-Red Lace Group Order (1.15.11 - 2.13.11) (Lingering int'l postal issues resolved 3.19)
-Lab Luper Group Order, 1.18 - 2.24.11
-Bat Spanked Courtesans Decant Circle/Group Order, 2.17.11 - 4.1.11
-Weeping Branches + RPG Imp Split/BPTP Group Order/Decant Circle, 4.16.11 - 5.27.11
14th-Nov-2010 01:42 pm - Feedback for ix_tab
mst3k: christmas
LJ handle: nova_bright
Forum ID: ix_tab
eBay username: mercyriddle
E-mail: mercyriddle@gmail.com
PayPal e-mail: mercyriddle@hotmail.com
AIM: mercyriddle
MSN: mercyriddle@hotmail.com
My eBay feedback is here.

My DoA feedback is here!
 LJ name: kcoconuts
Bpal forum: kcoconuts
MUA: karriecoconuts
Paypal: karrie_coconuts@yahoo.com
Location: Indiana

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14th-Oct-2010 01:14 am - Sophiawestern's Feedback
LJ name: sophiawestern
BPAL: ellebelle
eBay: avena1
E-mail: m at effluere dot net
Location: New York, NY, US

I have a ton of forum feedback, but it's down. I'll start keeping track of my purchases and things here now.
LJ name: obsidienne
BPAL: obsidienne
eBay: sinthetique
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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23rd-Sep-2010 02:00 pm - panicbelle's feedback
LJ name: panicbelle
Forum name: panicbelle
E-mail/Paypal: panicbelle at gmail
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
12th-Sep-2010 03:30 am - pearlsandpills
BPAL Forum Name: Washer
LJ Name: pearlsandpills
11th-Sep-2010 08:13 pm(no subject)
Hey ya'll. Your crabby pants mod has changed service providers, so I've updated my email on the contacts page. If you sent an email to the cox account recently, please resend to the gmail account and I will handle
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